Saturday, December 03, 2005

Pekiti & The Sjambok

I did a short write up on the Sjambok one or two years ago on the Pekiti Forum. Some folks have suggested using paracord on the handle and I guess that's fine. I removed the red plastic handle that came on it. I prefer using it bare. It just looks like a piece of extruded plastic (which it is). You start putting on handles and a lanyard, it starts taking on the look of a weapon (IMHO). I prefer low key.

I had received a 36" Cold Steel synthetic Sjambok from one of our linked companies, knivesplus. They come in 36", 41", and 54". The 36" is a bit over 1" in diameter at the handle and tapers down to just over 3/8" at the tip. I have been wanting to play around with one of these for a while and I have to say...I REALLY LIKE IT!!! It fits in very well within our PTK structure. It's non-lethal in the sense that you would really have to beat someone continuously for quite a while to kill them. But for changing someone's mind about F-ing with you, it will do the job very, very quickly. The sound of it cutting through the air is probably enough give most people second thoughts. It will cut through light clothing and even moderate power strikes cause searing pain and welts. Stiff enough to thrust to the face effectively, full power strikes cut through cardboard can imagine what that would do to bare skin. Lightning fast, and effective for punyo strikes at close quarters. You could easily place one on the floor of your car between the side of the seat and the door jam. Inconspicuous and quickly drawn. Slip it up your coat sleeve. The tip flexes enough to bend around the shoulder, and palm the handle. It's extremely fast and when you combine that with our PTK footwork, striking mechanics, and bridging have a formidable non-lethal (but debilitating) deterrent.

We've done some sparring with these and believe me, they are nasty.

One of my favorite "toys"

Guro William