Monday, November 28, 2005

Muay Thai Terminology

Here is a Muay Thai terminology guide given to me many moon's ago by Ajarn Steve Wilson. It will give you a very basic understanding of how to pronounce the words correctly. I will post part 2 shortly.

Guro William


Glossary and Terminology

It is impossible to give the correct pronunciation of Thai words by using the Roman alphabet without auxiliary signs. However, by observing the following pronunciation guide, the words will be understood if used in context.

pronounce "a" like the "u" in cup

pronounce "i" like the "i" in fit

dt is a consonant somewhat between a "d" and "t".

Aenken - Anklet. protecting instep and shin.
Andap - Ratings.
Baak - Mouth.
Bangkok - Capitol of Thailand.
Bat - Block.
Chaikrong - Floating ribs.
Champ - Champion. The word is borrowed from English.
Chiang Mai - Provincial capitol in the North. Second largest city in Thailand.
Chok - Fight.
Choraked Faad haang - Turn kick. literally the crocodile thrashes it's tail.
Dadsin - To judge. To decide.
Daihuachai - Region under the heart (vital point).
Dermpan - A form of betting.
Dontree Muay - The music played during a match.
Dtaa - Eyes.
Dtaai - To die.
Dtae - To kick.
Dtae Kao - Knee kick.
Dtae Tao - Kick with the foot.
Dtae Wiang - Round kick.
Dtai - Kidneys (Vital point).
Dtai kao - knee kick from the side (side knee).
Dtee - To hit.
Dtee mat - To hit with the fist.
Dtee Swak - To hit with the elbow.
Dtoi - To box. Boxing.
Dtoi Lom - Shadow boxing. literally to box with the wind or air.
Faad - To thrash, wipe, swipe.
Faidaeng - The red corner.
Fainamnerng - The blue corner.
Gamagan - Referee.
Gaan Dadsin - Judging.
Gangkeng Muay - Boxer's trunks.
Gawn Welaa - Literally before time. "gawn welaa" are held before the actual program starts and are reserved for novices.
Grajab - Groin guard (typically steel).
Grammom Srisa - Top of the head (vital point).
Grasawb - Bag, punching bag.
Hua - Head.
Huajai - Heart.
Hook - Hook (borrowed from English).
Jamook - Nose.
Kaa - Leg.
Kaen - Arm.
Kai - Camp.
Kai muay - Boxing camp.
Kagangai - Jawbone (vital point).
Kamab - Temples (vital points).
Kao - Knee.
Kao Kong - over arm knee kick (high side knee).
Kao Loy - Jumping/flying knee.
Kao Drong - Frontal/Straight knee.
Khuen Kroo - The ceremony during which a teacher accepts a new student.