Friday, July 22, 2005

Introducing area law Enforcement to PTK

This was an article that was printed in a Walpole Massachusetts paper that came out shortly after I conducted an intro seminar with elements of five Massachusetts police Departments as well as members of the National Guard. The goal of the original seminar was to introduce and demonstrate the simplicity and effectiveness of Pekiti-Tirsia kali for law Enforcement applications. The seminar was very well received and training continues.



Walpole Hometown Monthly
Vol 1 No. 10 December 11, 2003
Anti-Terrorism Martial Art Techniques Come to Walpole

Local Law Enforcement To Be Trained in Filipino Martial Art; Pekiti-Tirsia Kali.
The Pekiti-Tirsia System of Kali is a respected Filipino martial art used by the Philippine Force Recon Marines to fight terrorist groups in the southern Philippines. During joint operations the marines have trained US forces in these same effective close-quarters combat techniques for combating terrorism throughout Southeast Asia.
Police departments in Massachusetts are now training in a form of this martial art for officer protection, safety and liability reduction. The Defensive Tactics Safety System was formulated by the Grandmaster of the Pekiti-Tirsia Kali system Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje by request from the NYPD for a more effective officer protection and use of force program. For almost three decades the Safety system has been utilized by Police departments around the globe to counter the daily threats faced by law enforcement officers. Grandmaster Gaje is recognized most through his appearance in the police training video Surviving Edged Weapons where he demonstrated the use and lethality of edged weapons and is recognized as the world's leading expert in Edged-Impact wea
ponry and the Filipino martial Arts.
Officers will be learning Safety Baton techniques, Knife Defense, and Empty-Hand control methods as well as the advanced methods of Firearms Retention and Firearms Disarming if such a situation occurs. This combative system is based upon the use of the many kinds of swords and knives that Filipinos still use today. Because this system is based on edged weaponry, it develops the highest level of awareness in an individual and the ability to foresee possible dangerous situations to prevent one's self from becoming a victim. "Once you can protect yourself from the knife, everything else is easy" as Grandmaster Gaje says
William Schultz, the only chartered and certified Pekiti-Tirsia expert and trainer in New England is conducting training classes to local police departments.
"I am presenting this training to police departments because it offers the most effective training method for police officers. The empty-hands techniques are derived directly from the mechanics of edged and Impact weaponry (knife and baton). The officer only needs to learn one set of principles that transfers across weapon categoeries. This results in a simplified training pro-gram that has been successfully used in many self-defense situa-tions and saved officers lives.
"Not only is this martial art a very powerful and efficient form of self protection, but it has real health and fitness benefits as it offers a rigor-ous exercise workout. Participants will learn strategy, tactics, and techniques while toning and conditioning their bodies. This training will increase the officer's health, confidence and successfully prepare them for real-life dangerous situations.
"Our hope is that many local police departments will adopt this system of Defensive Tactics for their officers' safety," admits William. "We are also looking to bring this system to many other law enforcement agencies in New Eng-land, such as the local FBI, as well as martial arts centers, and health clubs, because we are all concerned for our safety."
The New England Pekiti-Tirsia Pitbulls now offers training in Peki-ti-Tirsia Kali & Muay Lao Thai Boxing. Private lessons and corpo-rate self-defense and law enforce-ment programs are available. For more information on Pekiti-Tirsia, or to book training seminars for your police department, center, club, or to attend classes, please contact William Schultz at 401-258-3689, or visit their web site at (currently under construction).