Friday, February 11, 2005

Weapons training for Law enforcement

A response to a question for weapons training in preperation for duty in law enforcement.


Posted 2/18/2004


is there anybody outhere that knows knife fighting and various styles and forms of it. Im look for practical tactical use, something that would trained to spec ops or Swat knife offence and defence armed and unarmed, i hope iom making some sense. I want to learn and practice evrything, i train in brazilian ju jitsu and am looking for some weapons training that would be usefull for me and my prospective occupation as an police officer in Metro Toronto Police Force, and the Emergency Task Force( SWAT Equivalent)


P.s. schhools or person located in toronto!!!!!!!!!!!Canada


P.s. schhools or person located in toronto!!!!!!!!!!!Canada

Start your search with the FMA Database.

If your going into law enforcement then Pekiti-Tirsia Kali (or other available FMA's) is the way to go. Since the open hand component is based off of weaponry technique, you only need to learn one system as opposed to learning one system of open hand and another system of weapon tactics. Pekiti-Tirsia is already being utilized by many law enforcement organizations accross the country. Here is a small clip from one of our Defensive Tactics Saftey System handouts for LE organizations.

The distinguishing characteristic of the edged-impact weapon systemology and the Defensive Tactics Safety System is that weaponry skills are instructed first and then progresses in the final stage to empty hand skills. The strategic reasoning behind this structure is that:
(1) The nature of combat and warfare is the utilization of weaponry – not empty hands. Criminal elements understand the superior advantage weaponry has in close quarter engagements and actively train in their employment and use.

(2) Attribute development – the use of weaponry and bladed weapons in particular develops and enhances defensive tactics techniques retention and execution at a more intensive level and at a faster rate than empty hands training.

(3) The strategy, tactics, and techniques of the Empty Hands Safety System are derived directly from the application of weaponry versus having completely different systems of empty-hand control methods and law enforcement weaponry technique.

This principle of parallel methodology and transferable technology in its truest form can only be found within the DEFENSIVE TACTICS SAFETY SYSTEM.

The Defensive Tactics Safety System educates the officer in edged and impact weaponry skills that directly transfer in application to empty hand skills and back to weaponry including tactical firearms.

I would also suggest going to the Pekiti-Tirsia Global Organization website to get more information. You can contact Tim Waid to see if there is anyone in your area to go to for PTK training. Mr. Waid instructs military units and law enforcement agencies worldwide in operator/officer survival and specialized tactical training programs that include the Military Edged-Impact Weapon System for Special Operations Forces, the Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Safety System, and SWAT Team CQC. Mr. Waid has extensive training and operational experience in the Asia/Western Pacific region and currently serves as a Consultant and Tactical Training Instructor to the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police, government agencies, and private business.